12 Gates of Charleston

Back when I wrote the South of Broad Blog, I compiled a list of my 5 favorite things about the South of Broad neighborhood.  One of those 5 things was Wrought Iron Gates.  I remember struggling to cull my list down because there were so many wonderful gates in this historic neighborhood.  Ultimately, many of the gates I photographed would go into the blog vault for a rainy day.

Well folks....it's your lucky day.  And it's not even raining!  I have dusted off those old gate pix and taken a few more.  Here are 12 gates of the South of Broad neighborhood........................




Some gates protect fancy cars.


Other's a secret garden.

Some gates have a better head of hair than I do.


And other's have a better beard.


Some gates are huge!


Some are really skinny.


Some gates have round arches.


Other's have gothic ones.


Some gates sing a song.


Some take the mail.


Some gates say "come on in."


Other's say "stay out!"


Did I say a dozen?.......how about a baker's dozen?

Nurse D-Rock, Buckminster Fuller Ramos, Nurse Baby Sis at the Famous Sword Gate

Special thanks to my crew for helping me on my expedition.   

Which gate was your favorite?