I did it mom! I'm a blogger!

Welcome to Buildings Are Cool!  This is officially my first blog......ever!  I have been thinking about creating a blog for a long time now, but could never pull the trigger.  I mean, I'm not even active on Facebook.  How could I pull this off?

On a recent road trip from Maryland to South Carolina I said to Danielle, "I want to start a blog," and  she said, "Do it!"  3 Years ago I told Danielle that she should pursue nursing.  This was easier said than done, especially since she had already earned a master's degree in another field and was 5 years into that career.

But she did do it. On December 11th she graduated nursing school after 2 1/2 years of classes and just recently passed her board exam.  She is a nurse now.

So when she said "Do it,"  it reminded me of our original conversation about nursing school and her recent accomplishments.  So now I have to start a blog.  Now I know that starting a blog is not even on the same planet as completing nursing school.  But you get my drift. Challenge accepted!

My goal is to share information about architecture that will appeal to both architects and the non-architects, or normal people as I will refer to you.  I will also make an attempt to inject some humor along the way.

Some topics I intend to cover:

  • Cool building that I am working on.
  • The Charleston Architecture Scene.
  • Why are architects so weird?
  • Daily architectural rituals.
  • Architects you should know.
  • Our never-ending house renovation.
  • And, interesting places I visit.

I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to some feedback.