Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Date an Architect

In honor of Valentine's Day, this post is all about LOVE.  I have to thank my beautiful wife Danielle for her help compiling this list.  When I told Danielle that I wanted to create a humorous list that would make fun of architects, she immediately rose to the occasion.  She was able to spit out the first 8 before I could finish my sentence. Dang! And a special thanks to Marie Beck.  Marie is also married to an architect and joined in on the fun.

Without further adieu.  I give you the TOP 10 REASONS YOU SHOULD DATE AN ARCHITECT.


Driving with your architect at the wheel will always be an adventure.  Slowly drifting across the pavement towards one interesting building after another.  It will be like the highway is a giant building zoo for your architect.  And if you are super lucky, you may even get to listen to an architectural podcast!    

This is a Facebook post that Danielle made in the middle of one of those riveting road trip podcasts.


You will never know what type of colorful surprise you will find in the laundry.  A black pen, a red pen, sometimes even a green one!  Your architect will keep you guessing.  Of course their all black wardrobe will be immune to the staining that your garments fall victim to.


You are guaranteed to go on some great vacations.  That assumes that you are ok forgoing exotic beaches and tropical locales for long walks through historic cities and treks to see famous buildings.  They might even throw in a lunch break if you remind them.  And as a bonus, at the end of your trip you will have hundreds of photographs and sketches......of buildings, without you and your family in them.  Your architect will forever be in a constant search for inspiration and architectural enrichment.

This is what happens when an architect visits Piazza San Marco in Venice for the first time.

How embarrassing.



Need to do an arts and crafts project?  You are in luck.  Your architect's office will be stocked with all different types of paper, pencils, pens and markers.  Throw in a large scale printer and it will be like you have your very own personal Kinkos at your disposal.  In fact, your architect is probably equipped at all times with a sketchbook, a roll of trace and at least 3 types of pens.

Picking Danielle up from the airport with my trace paper sign.  



Having trouble getting your sweetie to watch a romantic comedy with you?  With an architect, there is a very simple trick.  Find a rom-com that is set in an architecturally interesting city, or better yet, find one where the romantic interest is an architect.  If that doesn't work, just find one with Mark Ruffalo in it.



Because you always dreamed of having your own personal library stocked to the brim with architecture related books.  The vast majority of which your architect has actually read. Architects love books, and if you are uber-lucky, you will find an architect that has started their very own Architecture Book Club!  Oh boy!

Our library came with a cute little dog.  I spy Lincoln Logs?



After only a short time with your architect, you will have gained enough knowledge to ace your first year of architecture school.  You will learn all sorts of cool lingo, like modern intervention, loggias are cool, and datum.  



Naming your pets is a breeze.  An array of famous architects to choose as your furry loved one's namesake.  And when your wife's maiden name is Fuller.....Buckminster it is!  We already have the names for our next two dogs.  Zaha and Renzo.

Danielle sporting her Buckminster Fuller t-shirt with our dog Buckminster Fuller Ramos.   A.K.A. Minster.


You will inherit a new hoard of architecture friends.  Architects come equipped with a special magnet that only attracts friends in the architecture profession.  You will likely find yourself in the middle of a discussion amongst a group of architecture friends and realize that you weren't really paying attention to or understanding the last 5 minutes of the conversation. And then you will jump in and say, "I'm sorry, what's a mullion?......Oh...and why are we having a 30 minute conversation about it?"


When compiling a list titled: The Challenges of Being Married to an Architect,  your architect will figure out a way to put a positive spin on the list by rewording a few things.  You will also feel pretty lucky to have someone that has that much passion about their life's work.

Now go get yourself an architect!

Special thanks to Jessica Martin for this awesome drawing.  She created this as a wedding gift for us in 2012.  

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