When King Street Sleeps

If last week was the Week of Duany, then this week is the Week People Started Reading My Blog.  It has been pretty wild.  Let's just say that traffic on the website has increased dramatically.  Typically on days when I post a blog, I will see about 200 page views.  On Monday I had over 1,200 page views and on Tuesday over 1,500.  Even yesterday, 2 days after the Duany blog had been posted, I had over 500.

The funny thing is that just last week I had set a personal goal to get my daily page view count up to 300 by the time I had written my 30th blog.  The Duany post was my 21st blog.

Now I am not so naive to think that I can keep up that type of traffic.  I wrote a decent blog; however, the real secret is that it was a very hot topic in Charleston and tons of people shared the blog. 

So thank you to everyone that shared!

It has given me the boost to blog on.

Now back to reality.  So that last blog was very taxing on words.  I mean I typed, and I typed........And I still left a bunch out.  So for this post I am keeping it light.  

The last few weeks in Charleston, the weather has been dynamite.  Most of the days I have elected to walk to work rather than ride my bike.  And I changed up my route.  Instead of walking through the residential streets, I have been hoofing it over to King Street and taking that South to my office at LS3P.

On my walks I have noticed that King Street is much different early in the morning.  It is quiet, the sidewalks are empty and there is very little automobile traffic. 

It is peaceful.

It is surreal.

These photos were taken on 3 separate walks.  Between 6:30-7:30.  Each time the sky was a little different and the moon had changed.  My iPhone does not take the greatest pics in the dark, so I did some filtering with my Camera+ app...............Aww who am I kidding.  I always filter my pics.


This is what it looks like when King Street Sleeps.


Now I'm tired....................................................

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