12 Takes on the College of Charleston

Since the weather has been super nice this past month, I have changed my work vehicle from a bicycle, to my 2 feet.  Pretty soon it will be sweltering in Charleston and I will switch back to my trusty Trek bicycle.  But for the moment, walking to work it is.

The nice thing about city living is that you can alter your path to work in order to add some variety. Some days I walk down King Street, and others I take the residential streets. Recently I have been taking a route where I cut through the College of Charleston campus.  

On these walks I have really come to appreciate the beauty of this campus.  It is hard to take a bad picture.  Here are some of the pictures I have taken on my walks.


The Cistern Yard

'The Cistern' is the main congregation area and most iconic space on the C of C campus. The building in the background is Randolph Hall.  Many movies have been filmed here including The Patriot and Dear John.  The actual cistern is that elevate plateau in the foreground.

This is a wonderful space filled with some awesome live oak trees.


Porter's Lodge

Another iconic building of C of C.  Porter's Lodge forms the gateway to the cistern yard.  It is on the opposite end from Randolph Hall.  You can see a couple taking wedding photos under the arch.


A Residential Feel

There are many houses on the campus that have been converted into academic buildings. The presence of these residential buildings makes it feel very comfortable and intimate.


Framed Views

The central part of the campus has a fairly formal layout and uses a lot of symmetry and axis. The result is you get these wonderful framed views throughout the campus.


Lush Landscaping

The beauty of this campus is really the landscaping.  It is very lush almost like you are walking through a large garden.

See what I mean?


Lets not forget the Wrought Iron

What would a Charleston garden be without wrought iron.  These railings make me want to dance.


And Gates!


The Church that Sunk

70 years ago a major earthquake hit Charleston and this church sunk into the ground.  But not fully underground.  The church stopped sinking right at the steeple..........jk.  About the earthquake and church.

This type of building is referred to as a Folly.  It is merely symbolic and decorative.  Folly's are typically found in gardens at the center of 2 axis. 

It does look like a church steeple right?


What would a college campus be without bikes?

This one was just dying to be photographed.  Even Buckminster liked it.

And that's it for the College of Charleston.  Beautiful wasn't it?

Go Cougars!