Second Sunday on King Street

A few years ago Charleston started a revolution.  That revolution is called Second Sunday on King Street.  During Second Sunday, King Street is closed off to automobile traffic, which creates a giant pedestrian promenade.  The closure occurs between 1 and 5pm and is located on the stretch between Calhoun and Queen Streets.

This event seems to grow in popularity every year.  The crowds continue to grow and the businesses and restaurants are getting more and more creative about how they engage with the street.

This past Sunday, D, myself, and some friends got our promenade on.  I snapped a bunch of pics and made a few observations.

One of my favorite things about Second Sunday.....

Great people watching!

Look at all those people!

Another cool thing that happens on Second Sunday.  

Retail storefronts are turned into amphitheaters.

All up and down, musicians fill the sidewalks performing original music.  It's quite the site.

And people dance in the street!

A close second to the people watching:

Dogs are King on Second Sunday!

That's our friends Brie, Miguel and Marty.  Marty is the worlds largest lap dog.  It's his world, we are just living in it.

Who do you think would win?

I don't have any interesting observation for this pic other than I love this.

On Second Sunday, Pigs Fly!

And pigs fry!

And who doesn't like to dine outside?

Why can't every Sunday be Second Sunday?

Seriously though.  Would that be a good thing?  It certainly seems to draw more activity than the typical Sunday.  I'd be curious to know what the businesses think.  There are definitely some businesses that seem to be thriving on Second Sunday.

I just like that it gets people outside and walking.  We live in a beautiful city and it is great to see people experience it.

Or what if every day was Second Sunday?