12 Churches

Remember last Thursday when I posted 12 Gates? I am thinking of focusing the Thursday blogs on photography of Charleston.  And a dozen of something is always better...right? Anyone who can suggest a cool name for the Thursday blog series gets a special prize. Charleston Twelve? 12 Takes on Charleston? A dozen dittys on the Holy City?.......chime in at any moment...

This week I have a dozen churches to share.  Charleston's nickname 'The Holy City' came about because of our skyline, which is dominated by Church Steeples.  We don't have many tall buildings in Charleston, therefore the steeples really stand out.  

So here we go.  12 Churches of Charleston......


Some of our churches are very ornate.

Grace Episcopal Church. 98 Wentworth Street.  A little hint of Antonio Gaudi in there.


Others are rather modest.

St. Stephens Episcopal Church.  67 Anson Street.

Some churches are a nice place for a white wedding.

St. Michael's Episcopal Church.  71 Broad Street.


Others are pretty in pink.

The French Huguenot Church.  136 Church Street.  Architect Edward Brickell White


Some churches soar high.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.  120 Broad Street.  Architect Patrick Keely


Others soar really, really high.

St. Matthews Lutheran Church.  405 King Street.


Some churches terminate a street.

St. John's Lutheran Church.  5 Clifford Street.


Others take over the street.

St. Philip's Episcopal Church.  142 Church Street.  Architect Edward Brickell White.  This is an awesome urban condition.


Some churches are inspired by the Greeks.

St. Johannes Lutheran Church.  48 Hasell Street.


Others are inspired by the Romans.

The Circular Congregational Church.  150 Meeting Street.


Some churches are very subtle in their message.

Mt. Zion AME Church.  5 Glebe Street.


Others not so much.

Central Baptist Church.  26 Radcliffe Street.


If this exercise has taught me one thing, it's that these houses of the holy come in all shapes and sizes.  Did I forget your favorite church?  Well let me know about it.  It will make the next one....12 More Churches?

Till next time!