Our Home Addition - Part 5

Here's a Ramos Tip.

Do you have some far out goal that you've been dreamin' on?  Something that you really really want to achieve or make happen?

Then tell somebody about it.  

A friend...family member...or maybe a co-worker.  If you reveal your aspirations to that person, I have no doubt that in return they will say something like......

"I think you should do it!"

"Go for it!"

"Knock it out of the park!"

And then all of a sudden you have some momentum...........and a little pressure.

And if you really want to make it happen......Tell a bunch of people about your goal........Hell....Write a blog about it!  Then you really have to go out and grab that goal.

That's what I did with our house addition.  Oh yeah....our house addition.  Remember that little old thing that I was blabbing about a few months back?  In Our Home Addition - Part 1, I told the crazy story of dreaming up our addition on the dining room table.  

One of the first plan sketches of the addition.

Which was great until I realized that the addition that I had designed did not comply with zoning.  This downward arc was rebounded by the story of gaining a variance that would allow for our addition; see Part 2.  And then the roller coaster that is the Board of Architectural Review (B.A.R.)  What a wild ride.  Parts 3 and 4.

We passed the B.A.R.!

That was us after we passed.  So happy.....so young.  The world was our oyster.

And then nothing.................crickets............................chirp....chirp....

So what's the deal?  What happened?  For the rest of my life people will ask....whatever happened to that addition you were planning?.........All because

I blogged about it.

Have no fear folks!  In the period since my last post about the house, I have been chipping away at lots of little details and making progress...albeit slower than hoped.  Two months and 16 blog posts later, we are rounding third base on the way to breaking ground on the addition.....well.......maybe approaching third is a more reasonable progress report.

Since we last talked about the addition.......

I submitted the drawings for Final B.A.R. Details to Staff Review.

After our Conceptual B.A.R. approval, we were required to submit 'Final Details to Staff.'  This means that you make a final submittal with all of your construction details and the staff reviews the drawings and provides comments.  And you don't have to make a formal presentation to the Board.  In addition to construction details, you are also supposed to address any comments that came up in the last B.A.R. meeting.  Here is a list of the notable exterior revisions that were made:

  1. The brick has been painted light gray.  I gave in...and it does look much better. More cohesive.
  2. Bye Bye Shutters.
  3. The siding color changed from green to light gray to match the brick.
  4. The rafters have been left exposed around the eave.
  5. The front driveway was removed along with the big vehicle gate.  A smaller pedestrian gate is now in the front.
  6. The front fence was pushed back 2' to allow for shrubs to be planted in front of the fence along Bogard Street.
  7. The fence has been painted 'Charleston Green.' The combination of shrubs and paint color makes the fence recede.

Our Existing House


The Conceptual BAR Submittal


The Final BAR Details to Staff Submittal

The latest rendering features someone who I refer to as the 'Red Bag Lady.'  She started appearing in my renderings a few years ago.  

The changes above were were all on the exterior.  We did make one change to the plan.  We filled in the back porch to make a mud room.  After thinking about it, we really needed extra storage space for things like bikes and tools.  A mudroom seemed like a better use of space than a small back porch.  Also, changing the porch to interior space increases the overall square footage of the house and the value.

Revised Plan with Mudroom

Final Details to Staff Approval

Our final details to staff were approved.  Of course that approval came along with a laundry list of requirements (only 14) that look like this:

Just 14 conditions.

So what's next?

  1. I have been working with a structural engineer on the structural framing and details.
  2. I need to submit the drawings for the building permit.
  3. Select a contractor.  This is a work in progress.  
  4. Finalize bank loan.  This is also a work in progress.
  5. Break ground on construction.  The goal for breaking ground is June 22nd. That allows for about 6 weeks for building permit review and closing on the bank loan.

What's your big project?......Tell somebody about it!

Steve Ramos, AIA

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