Architect: Gift or Curse?

Is being an architect a gift or a curse?

For this month's #ArchiTalks, Bob Borson of Life of An Architect suggested the theme: Summer Break.  Since 2 of my last 3 #ArchiTalks were about really cool trips I have taken, I decided to go a different route.

One of my biggest challenges as an architect is taking a break.  Finding time in between project deadlines can be challenging.  But the real struggle is finding a mental break. Architect is not what I do, Architect is what I am.  I can't turn it off!

Whether I am at the office, at home, or on an exotic vacation, I am always noodling on a design problem in my head.  Or I am using the excursion as an opportunity to draw inspiration from other built works.  Sometimes I even dream about my projects.

Sounding like a curse isn't it?  

Let's flip the script.  I talk with a ton of people who are unhappy with their jobs.  A lot of people are indifferent about their occupation.  "Work is Work," they say.  And sadly there are people that despise their jobs.  These folks dread the 9-5 and can't wait to get to Friday to start living their life.

Work for me is still work.  But architecture is also my passion.  I love what I do.  The other day I was working with some of my colleagues on a new project.  5 of us were huddled up sketching out facade concepts for this new building.  The building is over 200,000sf and I remember are conceptualizing this significant building on tiny pieces of trace paper.

How lucky are we?

I'm fortunate that I found my way to architecture.  For me it is definitely a gift.

I was telling Danielle about my topic for this blog and she immediately pulled this photo up from her Facebook.  This was from a summer trip we took to Boston.  She captioned the photo: "Caught Steve in the act of being an archinerd. He says, 'Confirmed, terra cotta tile.'"

Happy Independence Day!...(The Holiday, not the Will Smith Movie)

Steve Ramos, AIA, LEED AP

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