Fernandina Beach, Florida

This past weekend D, Buckminster and I packed up our bags and headed south.  We travelled to Fernandina Beach, Florida to visit our friends Andrew and Tasha.  Fernandina Beach is about halfway between the Florida/Georgia Line and Jacksonville.   Only a 3 1/2 hour trip for us.  

It was an awesome little getaway.  

I would describe the majority of our trip as lounging.  Trips to the beach, barbecuing and playing yard games.  Kicking it in the rural you might say.  

It wasn't until Sunday morning that we returned to civilization.  Andrew and Tasha gave us a tour of the downtown area of Fernandina Beach.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover this awesome little piece of urbanism.

Here are a few of the pix I snapped of Downtown Fernandina Beach.

I like discovering the vernacular architecture of a place.  Notice how they don't mess around when it comes to providing shade and protection for their windows.

I like buildings that tell a story.  Each one of these buildings has something to say.  Some quite literally.

Fernandina Beach has very gracious sidewalks.  And by having diagonal parking it provides a nice buffer for the pedestrians.   

There were some real architectural gems in this town.  The Amelia Island Welcome Center was once the railroad station.  Check out the detail around the entrance and on the roof overhang. This style of architecture was often called the Arts and Crafts Style.  I definitely see hints of Frank Lloyd Wright in this building.

It is no wonder that painted brick signage is coming back in style.  What is not to like?

Look how the awnings and the retail storefronts bring the street to life.  The middle and tops of the buildings are usually pretty reserved.  And the ground floor retail says.."Lame!.....I'm ready to party!"

This building is evidence that variation and repetition can work together harmoniously.  At first glance this is a symmetrical building.  At 2nd glance, not so much.

Check out this old post office.  A beautiful building.  Tasha said they are going to buy this building when they win the lottery and turn it into a boutique hotel.  Andrew said the only problem is that they don't play the lottery.

Thats all from Fernandina Beach.  Pretty sweet right?


Steve Ramos, AIA, LEED AP

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