Modern Charleston : 12 Buildings

By the way.  This is blog post #40.  And you said I'd never make it this far!  Shows you! What should I do for #50?  Taking suggestions.......

OK.  Modern Charleston.

My photo blogs have been very heavy on Traditional Charleston lately, so I thought I'd mix it up.

Of course Charleston is known for its historic architecture, but we also have some modern buildings.  Here are a few of my favorites:


A new building that everyone keeps talking about.

The newspaper can't decide what it thinks about this project.  I think it is a simple building with very nice proportions.  Two thumbs up!...That sign is a little unfortunate though.  Too big for the space.

174 Meeting Street Office Building.  Architects: McMillan Pazdan Smith


Charleston's Miesian Building.  Or was it Philip Johnson?

This building has been vacant for some time now.  I fear that it will one day be demolished.  It is definitely a record of a certain time period and I think it should be preserved.

Former Bank Building.  Architects: Rosenblum Coe Architects


Speaking of Mies, Apple proves that "Less is More"

Apple's tendency towards minimalism is also reflected in their retail store design.  I really appreciate how the store engages with the streetscape.  It's as if the facade extends into the building.

Apple Retail Store.  Architect: Unknown


From Bauhaus to our House.

This building intrigues me.  Not sure why.

Reid House of Christian Service.  Architect: Unknown


Now that's a corner!

College of Charleston Science and Mathematics Building.  Architects: Liollio Architecture


Fun with modernism.

I think school architecture can be fun and this building shows that.

Mason Prepratory School.  Architects: Goff D'Antonio Associates LTD


The building where we got married......seriously.

This building has a special history with me.  Back in 2005, I documented this building as a precedent for my thesis project.  Then on April 14, 2012, D and I got married on the back terrace overlooking the Cooper River.  It's safe to say.....I like this building!

The South Carolina Aquarium.  Architects: Clark and Menefee Architects; Eskew + Architects


Best modern building you'll never find.

Because it is hidden in a little courtyard off of the street.  Definitely a hidden gem.

Circular Congregational Church Addition.  Architects: Frank Harmon Architect


What the h*ll is that thing?

Now this is an intriguing building.  Still under construction.  Someone is having some fun up there.  I demand a tour!

Private residence.  Architects: Kevan Hoertdoerfer Architects


Best Modern Enclave

Great collection of modern houses with some Charleston spice.

Midtown of Charleston.  Architects:  Neil Stevenson Architects


Sasaki It To Me Baby!

A nifty little building that takes the single house parti and adds a nautical twist.

Charleston Maritime Center.  Architects: Sasaki Associates


Wait.....that's not Modern?...Or is it?

Modern Palladian perhaps?  Why does architecture need to be qualified?  This house clearly has a traditional motif, but it's details are extremely sharp and polished.  Not that different than the Apple Store.  

Private Residence.  Architects: New World Byzantine

So which one is your favorite?

Steve Ramos, AIA

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